How Do You Spell SFZ?

The acronym SFZ stands for sforzando, an Italian musical term that means a sudden, emphatic accent. In IPA phonetic transcription, the word is spelled /sfɔrtˈzandɔ/. It is composed of two parts: "sforzato," meaning "forced," and "zando," meaning "going." When a musician sees "SFZ" written in their sheet music, they know to play the note with a sudden, sharp accent. This technique adds dramatic tension and excitement to the music, creating a powerful effect.

Common Misspellings for SFZ

  • zsfz
  • szfz
  • xsfz
  • sxfz
  • esfz
  • sfvz
  • sfgz
  • srfz
  • sfrz
  • sffz
  • sfzz
  • sf z
  • PsFZ

2 words made out of letters SFZ

2 letters


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