How Do You Spell SHADOWS?

Correct spelling for the English word "shadows" is [ʃ_ˈa_d_əʊ_z], [ʃˈadə͡ʊz], [ʃˈadə‍ʊz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for SHADOWS

Below is the list of 232 misspellings for the word "shadows".

Similar spelling words for SHADOWS

Anagrams of SHADOWS

6 letters

5 letters

Usage Examples for SHADOWS

  1. I can see shadows enough without going to the play." - "In His Steps" by Charles M. Sheldon
  2. Every night runs out; the dawn will break; the new day comes; the shadows flee before the new shining. - "Quiet Talks on the Crowned Christ of Revelation" by S. D. Gordon

Conjugate verb Shadows


I would shadow
we would shadow
you would shadow
he/she/it would shadow
they would shadow


I will shadow
we will shadow
you will shadow
he/she/it will shadow
they will shadow


I will have shadowed
we will have shadowed
you will have shadowed
he/she/it will have shadowed
they will have shadowed


I shadowed
we shadowed
you shadowed
he/she/it shadowed
they shadowed


I had shadowed
we had shadowed
you had shadowed
he/she/it had shadowed
they had shadowed


I shadow
we shadow
you shadow
he/she/it shadows
they shadow


I have shadowed
we have shadowed
you have shadowed
he/she/it has shadowed
they have shadowed
I am shadowing
we are shadowing
you are shadowing
he/she/it is shadowing
they are shadowing
I was shadowing
we were shadowing
you were shadowing
he/she/it was shadowing
they were shadowing
I will be shadowing
we will be shadowing
you will be shadowing
he/she/it will be shadowing
they will be shadowing
I have been shadowing
we have been shadowing
you have been shadowing
he/she/it has been shadowing
they have been shadowing
I had been shadowing
we had been shadowing
you had been shadowing
he/she/it had been shadowing
they had been shadowing
I will have been shadowing
we will have been shadowing
you will have been shadowing
he/she/it will have been shadowing
they will have been shadowing
I would have shadowed
we would have shadowed
you would have shadowed
he/she/it would have shadowed
they would have shadowed
I would be shadowing
we would be shadowing
you would be shadowing
he/she/it would be shadowing
they would be shadowing
I would have been shadowing
we would have been shadowing
you would have been shadowing
he/she/it would have been shadowing
they would have been shadowing