How Do You Spell SHELDON?

Correct spelling for the English word "Sheldon" is [ʃˈɛldən], [ʃˈɛldən], [ʃ_ˈɛ_l_d_ə_n]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for SHELDON

Below is the list of 120 misspellings for the word "sheldon".

Similar spelling words for SHELDON

Anagrams of SHELDON

6 letters

  • noshed.

5 letters

Usage Examples for SHELDON

  1. I introduced mesilf, and Sheldon, who had No. 1 on his sleeve, offered me a pipe, which I took. - "The Boy Scouts Book of Stories" by Various
  2. Mrs. Sheldon comes here pretty often; and she is one of the managers of the Women and Children's Hospital. - "The Other Girls" by Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney