How Do You Spell SHOOS?

Correct spelling for the English word "shoos" is [ʃ_ˈuː_z], [ʃˈuːz], [ʃˈuːz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for SHOOS

Below is the list of 193 misspellings for the word "shoos".

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Anagrams of SHOOS

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Usage Examples for SHOOS

  1. Of course, my swoon is entirely artificial; but the sister is an understanding soul, and shoos them away. - "Men, Women and Guns" by H. C. (Herman Cyril) McNeile
  2. I tooke paines to gether it out of the fire; after this shee gave me a blew coverlett, stokins and shoos, and where with to make me drawers. - "Voyages of Peter Esprit Radisson" by Peter Esprit Radisson

Conjugate verb Shoos


I would shoo
we would shoo
you would shoo
he/she/it would shoo
they would shoo


I will shoo
we will shoo
you will shoo
he/she/it will shoo
they will shoo


I will have shooed
we will have shooed
you will have shooed
he/she/it will have shooed
they will have shooed


I shooed
we shooed
you shooed
he/she/it shooed
they shooed


I had shooed
we had shooed
you had shooed
he/she/it had shooed
they had shooed


I shoo
we shoo
you shoo
he/she/it shoos
they shoo


I have shooed
we have shooed
you have shooed
he/she/it has shooed
they have shooed
I am shooing
we are shooing
you are shooing
he/she/it is shooing
they are shooing
I was shooing
we were shooing
you were shooing
he/she/it was shooing
they were shooing
I will be shooing
we will be shooing
you will be shooing
he/she/it will be shooing
they will be shooing
I have been shooing
we have been shooing
you have been shooing
he/she/it has been shooing
they have been shooing
I had been shooing
we had been shooing
you had been shooing
he/she/it had been shooing
they had been shooing
I will have been shooing
we will have been shooing
you will have been shooing
he/she/it will have been shooing
they will have been shooing
I would have shooed
we would have shooed
you would have shooed
he/she/it would have shooed
they would have shooed
I would be shooing
we would be shooing
you would be shooing
he/she/it would be shooing
they would be shooing
I would have been shooing
we would have been shooing
you would have been shooing
he/she/it would have been shooing
they would have been shooing