How Do You Spell SHOWERS?

Correct spelling for the English word "showers" is [ʃ_ˈaʊ_ə_z], [ʃˈa͡ʊəz], [ʃˈa‍ʊəz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Anagrams of SHOWERS

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Common Misspellings for SHOWERS

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Usage Examples for SHOWERS

  1. The day was warm and rainy in showers. - "Reminiscences of Sixty Years in Public Affairs, Vol. 1" by George Boutwell
  2. Next day we had the wind at S. W. and S. S. W., a gentle gale, with now and then showers of snow and hail. - "A Voyage Towards the South Pole and Round the World, Volume 1" by James Cook
  3. There was a quick rush behind the drapery, which shook and swayed, till the dust fell from it in showers. - "Mabel's Mistake" by Ann S. Stephens
  4. Dream- flowers grow in that garden, Blossom of sun and showers, There, withered hopes may bloom anew, Dreams long forgotten shall all come true, Beyond the hill there's a garden fair- My garden of happy hours! - "The Vision of Desire" by Margaret Pedler
  5. The mill- wheel rains showers of diamonds, Its far away buzz I hear. - "Poems and Ballads of Heinrich Heine" by Heinrich Heine

Conjugate verb Showers


I would shower
we would shower
you would shower
he/she/it would shower
they would shower


I will shower
we will shower
you will shower
he/she/it will shower
they will shower


I will have showered
we will have showered
you will have showered
he/she/it will have showered
they will have showered


I showered
we showered
you showered
he/she/it showered
they showered


I had showered
we had showered
you had showered
he/she/it had showered
they had showered


I shower
we shower
you shower
he/she/it showers
they shower


I have showered
we have showered
you have showered
he/she/it has showered
they have showered
I am showering
we are showering
you are showering
he/she/it is showering
they are showering
I was showering
we were showering
you were showering
he/she/it was showering
they were showering
I will be showering
we will be showering
you will be showering
he/she/it will be showering
they will be showering
I have been showering
we have been showering
you have been showering
he/she/it has been showering
they have been showering
I had been showering
we had been showering
you had been showering
he/she/it had been showering
they had been showering
I will have been showering
we will have been showering
you will have been showering
he/she/it will have been showering
they will have been showering
I would have showered
we would have showered
you would have showered
he/she/it would have showered
they would have showered
I would be showering
we would be showering
you would be showering
he/she/it would be showering
they would be showering
I would have been showering
we would have been showering
you would have been showering
he/she/it would have been showering
they would have been showering