How Do You Spell SIAU?

The word "siau" is commonly spelled as "xiao" in Hanyu Pinyin, a system used to romanize Chinese characters. Its IPA phonetic transcription is /ʃjau̯²¹⁴/. The first sound, /ʃ/, represents the "sh" sound in English, while the second sound, /j/, represents the sound of the letter "y." The third sound, /au̯/, is a diphthong that sounds similar to the word "ouch." The final sound, /²¹⁴/, represents the tone of the word, which in this case is the fourth tone, meaning the syllable should be pronounced with a high falling tone.

Common Misspellings for SIAU

  • s9au
  • s8au
  • sia7
  • zsiau
  • sziau
  • xsiau
  • sxiau
  • sdiau
  • wsiau
  • suiau
  • siuau
  • sjiau
  • sijau
  • soiau
  • sioau
  • s9iau
  • si9au
  • s8iau
  • si8au
  • sizau

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