How Do You Spell SINGSPIEL?

Singspiel is a German word used to describe a musical drama or operetta. The spelling of the word is phonetically pronounced as /ˈzɪŋʃpiːl/. The first syllable "sing" is pronounced like the English word "sing" and the second syllable "spiel" is pronounced like the English word "shpiel". The letter "s" in the first syllable is pronounced as "z" due to the German language's use of the voiced consonant in this position. Singspiel is a popular form of musical entertainment in German-speaking countries.

Common Misspellings for SINGSPIEL

  • aingspiel
  • zingspiel
  • xingspiel
  • dingspiel
  • eingspiel
  • wingspiel
  • sungspiel
  • sjngspiel
  • skngspiel
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  • s8ngspiel
  • sibgspiel
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  • sinfspiel
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