How Do You Spell SIRES?

Correct spelling for the English word "sires" is [s_ˈaɪə_z], [sˈa͡ɪ͡əz], [sˈa‍ɪ‍əz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for SIRES

Below is the list of 332 misspellings for the word "sires".

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Anagrams of SIRES

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Usage Examples for SIRES

  1. And the cry wakes in me Dim, dead sea- folk, my sires- Who more than myself are me. - "Sea Poems" by Cale Young Rice
  2. True, the slaves now held as such among us were not themselves feloniously seized on a foreign soil, torn away from kindred, homes, and country, and sold into hopeless bondage in a strange land; but their sires and grandsires were. - "Three Prize Essays on American Slavery" by R. B. Thurston A.C. Baldwin Timothy Williston

Conjugate verb Sires


I would sire
we would sire
you would sire
he/she/it would sire
they would sire


I will sire
we will sire
you will sire
he/she/it will sire
they will sire


I will have sired
we will have sired
you will have sired
he/she/it will have sired
they will have sired


I sired
we sired
you sired
he/she/it sired
they sired


I had sired
we had sired
you had sired
he/she/it had sired
they had sired


I sire
we sire
you sire
he/she/it sires
they sire


I have sired
we have sired
you have sired
he/she/it has sired
they have sired
I am siring
we are siring
you are siring
he/she/it is siring
they are siring
I was siring
we were siring
you were siring
he/she/it was siring
they were siring
I will be siring
we will be siring
you will be siring
he/she/it will be siring
they will be siring
I have been siring
we have been siring
you have been siring
he/she/it has been siring
they have been siring
I had been siring
we had been siring
you had been siring
he/she/it had been siring
they had been siring
I will have been siring
we will have been siring
you will have been siring
he/she/it will have been siring
they will have been siring
I would have sired
we would have sired
you would have sired
he/she/it would have sired
they would have sired
I would be siring
we would be siring
you would be siring
he/she/it would be siring
they would be siring
I would have been siring
we would have been siring
you would have been siring
he/she/it would have been siring
they would have been siring