How Do You Spell SISS?

Correct spelling for the English word "siss" is [sˈɪs], [sˈɪs], [s_ˈɪ_s]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for SISS

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Definition of SISS

  1. A hissing noise.

Anagrams of SISS

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Usage Examples for SISS

  1. And we lost yet another of the poor little beasts, which broke its leg in the gnarled roots of a tree, before reaching the povarnia of Siss, a hundred and thirty versts from Tostach. - "From Paris to New York by Land" by Harry de Windt
  2. Finally, giving up in despair, ses he, 'Wal, one thing I can do enyhow, I can make a siss! - "Letters of Major Jack Downing, of the Downingville Militia" by Seba Smith

What does siss stand for?

Abbreviation SISS means:

  1. Sistema Integral de Seguridad Social
  2. Student Information and Support Service