How Do You Spell SKIS?

The spelling of the word "skis" might seem a bit odd to some people, but it follows the rules of English phonetics. The IPA phonetic transcription of this word is /ski:z/, indicating the long "ee" sound and the plural "-s" ending. This spelling makes sense because "ski" is a loanword from Norwegian, where the plural form is "ski" (without the "s"). However, in English, we add the "-s" to the end to indicate that there are multiple skis. So, even though it might look strange, "skis" is the correct spelling!

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Conjugate verb Skis


I would ski
we would ski
you would ski
he/she/it would ski
they would ski


I will ski
we will ski
you will ski
he/she/it will ski
they will ski


I will have skied
we will have skied
you will have skied
he/she/it will have skied
they will have skied


I skied
we skied
you skied
he/she/it skied
they skied


I had skied
we had skied
you had skied
he/she/it had skied
they had skied


I ski
we ski
you ski
he/she/it skis
they ski


I have skied
we have skied
you have skied
he/she/it has skied
they have skied
I am skiing
we are skiing
you are skiing
he/she/it is skiing
they are skiing
I was skiing
we were skiing
you were skiing
he/she/it was skiing
they were skiing
I will be skiing
we will be skiing
you will be skiing
he/she/it will be skiing
they will be skiing
I have been skiing
we have been skiing
you have been skiing
he/she/it has been skiing
they have been skiing
I had been skiing
we had been skiing
you had been skiing
he/she/it had been skiing
they had been skiing
I will have been skiing
we will have been skiing
you will have been skiing
he/she/it will have been skiing
they will have been skiing
I would have skied
we would have skied
you would have skied
he/she/it would have skied
they would have skied
I would be skiing
we would be skiing
you would be skiing
he/she/it would be skiing
they would be skiing
I would have been skiing
we would have been skiing
you would have been skiing
he/she/it would have been skiing
they would have been skiing


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