How Do You Spell SLASHER?

Pronunciation: [slˈaʃə] (IPA)

The word "slasher" is spelled /ˈslæʃər/. In this word, the "s" makes a /s/ sound, followed by the combined sound of "l" and "a" which makes a /læ/ sound. The next letter "sh" makes the /ʃ/ sound, followed by another /ə/ sound which sounds like the short "u" in "but". Lastly, the letter "r" is pronounced with a slight roll of the tongue. "Slasher" refers to someone or something that is responsible for cutting or slashing.

SLASHER Meaning and Definition

  1. A slasher is a noun term that refers to both a genre of horror films and a subgenre of thriller literature. As a film genre, a slasher typically involves a relentless killer, often masked, who employs a sharp weapon, such as a knife or machete, to murder multiple victims in a gruesome and bloody fashion. These movies, known for their high body count and suspenseful sequences, often take place in isolated locations, such as a summer camp or a deserted house, coupled with dark cinematography, eerie music, and jump scares to enhance the fright factor.

    As a subgenre of thriller literature, the term "slasher" denotes novels or stories that follow a similar pattern of presenting a psychotic murderer who targets and kills multiple victims. These narratives usually emphasize the psychological aspects of the killer's motives and the profound impact on the surviving characters, frequently featuring intense suspense and tension.

    Slasher films and novels gained prominence in the late 1970s and early 1980s, with movies like "Halloween" and "Friday the 13th" becoming seminal works. The name "slasher" originates from the violent and brutal nature of the killer, who slashes his victims with a weapon, leaving a trail of bloodshed and fear. The term has now become deeply ingrained in popular culture, representing a distinctive style of horror storytelling that continues to captivate audiences with its intense thrills and chilling imagery.

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Etymology of SLASHER

The word "slasher" originated in the late 19th century as a noun form of the verb "slash". The verb "slash" has Old English and Old Norse origins, deriving from the Proto-Germanic word "slasjaną". It initially meant "to strike forcibly" or "to cut with a sweeping stroke". Over time, the term "slash" evolved to describe a specific type of weapon, namely a cutting or striking implement with a broad, sweeping blade.

In the context of horror films, the term "slasher" emerged in the 1970s to describe a subgenre characterized by a psychologically disturbed killer who uses a sharp object, such as a knife or machete, to brutally attack and murder victims. The term likely derives from the use of slashing or cutting motions employed by the murderer. Nowadays, "slasher" has become a widely recognized term referring to this particular subgenre of horror movies.

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Plural form of SLASHER is SLASHERS


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