How Do You Spell SLAVER?

Pronunciation: [slˈe͡ɪvə] (IPA)

The word "slaver" can be confusing in terms of spelling, as it may be confused with "slave." However, the word actually refers to saliva that drools from one's mouth. The correct way to spell "slaver" is /ˈsleɪvər/, with the "a" sound pronounced as "ay." It is important to remember the correct spelling to avoid confusion and to accurately communicate meaning in written language.

SLAVER Meaning and Definition

Slaver, as a noun, refers to a person who deals in or participates in the buying, selling, or trafficking of slaves. Historically, slavers were individuals involved in the abhorrent practice of the transatlantic slave trade, capturing people from Africa and transporting them to be sold and enslaved. They profited from the inhumane treatment, labor exploitation, and forced bondage of countless individuals. The term slaver is often associated with the deeply reprehensible institutions that perpetuated the enslavement of millions of people for several centuries. The actions of slavers reflected the systemic racism and disregard for human rights that plagued societies during this dark period.

As a verb, slaver can mean to engage in the trade or activity of buying and selling slaves. It may also refer to someone who advocates or supports such a practice. In a more general sense, slaver can also be used to describe someone who exhibits a strong desire or obsession for something, often to an excessive or extreme degree.

However, it is crucial to note that the practice of slavery is now widely considered illegal, immoral, and a gross violation of human rights. The term slaver is typically used within historical and academic contexts to discuss the repugnant practices of the past rather than as a contemporary concept.

Common Misspellings for SLAVER

Etymology of SLAVER

The word "slaver" is derived from the noun "slave", which originated from the Old French term "esclave". Old French derived it from the medieval Latin word "Sclavus", which referred to a Slavic person captured and enslaved during the medieval period. This term was likely used because many Slavic people were captured and subjected to slavery during that time. Over time, "slave" developed into a verb form, "to slaver", which means to engage in or trade slaves.

Similar spelling words for SLAVER

Plural form of SLAVER is SLAVERS

Conjugate verb Slaver


I would slaver
we would slaver
you would slaver
he/she/it would slaver
they would slaver


I will slaver
we will slaver
you will slaver
he/she/it will slaver
they will slaver


I will have slavered
we will have slavered
you will have slavered
he/she/it will have slavered
they will have slavered


I slavered
we slavered
you slavered
he/she/it slavered
they slavered


I had slavered
we had slavered
you had slavered
he/she/it had slavered
they had slavered


I slaver
we slaver
you slaver
he/she/it slavers
they slaver


I have slavered
we have slavered
you have slavered
he/she/it has slavered
they have slavered
I am slavering
we are slavering
you are slavering
he/she/it is slavering
they are slavering
I was slavering
we were slavering
you were slavering
he/she/it was slavering
they were slavering
I will be slavering
we will be slavering
you will be slavering
he/she/it will be slavering
they will be slavering
I have been slavering
we have been slavering
you have been slavering
he/she/it has been slavering
they have been slavering
I had been slavering
we had been slavering
you had been slavering
he/she/it had been slavering
they had been slavering
I will have been slavering
we will have been slavering
you will have been slavering
he/she/it will have been slavering
they will have been slavering
I would have slavered
we would have slavered
you would have slavered
he/she/it would have slavered
they would have slavered
I would be slavering
we would be slavering
you would be slavering
he/she/it would be slavering
they would be slavering
I would have been slavering
we would have been slavering
you would have been slavering
he/she/it would have been slavering
they would have been slavering


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