How Do You Spell SLEDGE?

Pronunciation: [slˈɛd͡ʒ] (IPA)

The word "sledge" is often misspelled as "sludge" due to its similar pronunciation. However, the correct spelling is "sledge" with the IPA phonetic transcription of /slɛdʒ/. The sound of "s" and "l" are combined to create the initial consonant cluster, followed by the vowel sound "e" and the voiced consonant "d" with the voiced affricate "ʒ". It is important to pay attention to the spelling of words and confirm their accuracy to avoid confusion and miscommunication.

SLEDGE Meaning and Definition

  1. A sledge is a heavy, sturdy vehicle designed for hauling heavy objects or for transportation over snow or ice. It typically consists of a flat, rectangular platform mounted on runners or skids, with handles or ropes at the front for pulling or pushing. The runners or skids are usually made of a material that reduces friction, such as metal or wood, allowing the sledge to glide smoothly over the surface it is traversing.

    Historically, sledges were widely employed for various purposes, particularly in regions with snowy or icy conditions. They were commonly used for transporting goods, supplies, or even people, especially in areas where other modes of transportation were impractical or inaccessible. The use of sledges has also been prevalent in activities like logging, mining, and rescue operations, where heavy loads or equipment need to be moved efficiently across difficult terrains.

    In addition, the term "sledge" can also refer to a small, handheld hammer with a heavy metal head, usually used for breaking or driving in objects. This type of sledgehammer is commonly utilized in construction, demolition, and other heavy-duty tasks that require forceful impact.

    Overall, whether referring to a heavy vehicle used for transporting loads or a small, powerful hammer, a sledge embodies sturdiness, durability, and efficiency in accomplishing tasks in challenging environments.

  2. • A sort of carriage made to slide on ice or frozen snow, or to run on low wheels; a sleigh for riding on snow; same as sled.
    • A large heavy hammer used by black-smiths in beating out iron.

    Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

Common Misspellings for SLEDGE

Etymology of SLEDGE

The word "sledge" has its origins in Middle English and is believed to have come from the Old English word "sleġe" or "slæġe". This Old English term was derived from the Proto-Germanic word "*slegō" which meant "blow" or "strike". The word has evolved over time and, in its modern usage, refers to a vehicle or device that is used for transportation over snow or ice, typically consisting of a platform on runners.

Idioms with the word SLEDGE

  • sledge-hammer argument A sledge-hammer argument is a very powerful and forceful argument that is used to make a strong and undeniable point in a debate or discussion. It is often used to completely dismantle an opponent's argument or position.

Similar spelling words for SLEDGE

Plural form of SLEDGE is SLEDGES

Conjugate verb Sledge


I would sled
we would sled
you would sled
he/she/it would sled
they would sled


I would have sledged
you would have sledged
he/she/it would have sledged
we would have sledged
they would have sledged
I would have sledge
you would have sledge
he/she/it would have sledge
we would have sledge
they would have sledge


I would have been sledging
you would have been sledging
he/she/it would have been sledging
we would have been sledging
they would have been sledging


I would sledge
you would sledge
he/she/it would sledge
we would sledge
they would sledge


I would be sledging
you would be sledging
he/she/it would be sledging
we would be sledging
they would be sledging


I will sledge
you will sledge
he/she/it will sledge
we will sledge
they will sledge
I will sled
we will sled
you will sled
he/she/it will sled
they will sled


I will be sledging
you will be sledging
he/she/it will be sledging
we will be sledging
they will be sledging


I will have sledged
you will have sledged
he/she/it will have sledged
we will have sledged
they will have sledged
I will have sledded
we will have sledded
you will have sledded
he/she/it will have sledded
they will have sledded


I will have been sledging
you will have been sledging
he/she/it will have been sledging
we will have been sledging
they will have been sledging


you sledge
we let´s sledge


to sledge


I sledded
we sledded
you sledded
he/she/it sledded
they sledded


I was sledging
you were sledging
he/she/it was sledging
we were sledging
they were sledging




I had sledded
we had sledded
you had sledded
he/she/it had sledded
they had sledded


I had been sledging
you had been sledging
he/she/it had been sledging
we had been sledging
they had been sledging


I had sledged
you had sledged
he/she/it had sledged
we had sledged
they had sledged


I sledge
you sledge
he/she/it sledges
we sledge
they sledge
I sled
we sled
you sled
he/she/it sleds
they sled


I am sledging
you are sledging
he/she/it is sledging
we are sledging
they are sledging




I have sledged
you have sledged
he/she/it has sledged
we have sledged
they have sledged
I have sledded
we have sledded
you have sledded
he/she/it has sledded
they have sledded


I have been sledging
you have been sledging
he/she/it has been sledging
we have been sledging
they have been sledging


he/she/it sledge


I sledged
you sledged
he/she/it sledged
we sledged
they sledged
I am sledding
we are sledding
you are sledding
he/she/it is sledding
they are sledding
I was sledding
we were sledding
you were sledding
he/she/it was sledding
they were sledding
I will be sledding
we will be sledding
you will be sledding
he/she/it will be sledding
they will be sledding
I have been sledding
we have been sledding
you have been sledding
he/she/it has been sledding
they have been sledding
I had been sledding
we had been sledding
you had been sledding
he/she/it had been sledding
they had been sledding
I will have been sledding
we will have been sledding
you will have been sledding
he/she/it will have been sledding
they will have been sledding
I would have sledded
we would have sledded
you would have sledded
he/she/it would have sledded
they would have sledded
I would be sledding
we would be sledding
you would be sledding
he/she/it would be sledding
they would be sledding
I would have been sledding
we would have been sledding
you would have been sledding
he/she/it would have been sledding
they would have been sledding


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