How Do You Spell SLIVERS?

The word "slivers" is made up of six letters and is pronounced as /ˈslɪvərz/ in IPA phonetic transcription. The first syllable of the word is pronounced as /slɪ/ with the "s" sound, followed by a short vowel "i" sound and a "v" sound. The second syllable is pronounced as /ərz/ with a schwa sound followed by a "z" sound. The spelling of this word is straightforward and represents each sound phonetically. "Slivers" refers to thin, narrow strips or fragments of material, such as wood or glass.

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Conjugate verb Slivers


I would sliver
we would sliver
you would sliver
he/she/it would sliver
they would sliver


I will sliver
we will sliver
you will sliver
he/she/it will sliver
they will sliver


I will have slivered
we will have slivered
you will have slivered
he/she/it will have slivered
they will have slivered


I slivered
we slivered
you slivered
he/she/it slivered
they slivered


I had slivered
we had slivered
you had slivered
he/she/it had slivered
they had slivered


I sliver
we sliver
you sliver
he/she/it slivers
they sliver


I have slivered
we have slivered
you have slivered
he/she/it has slivered
they have slivered
I am slivering
we are slivering
you are slivering
he/she/it is slivering
they are slivering
I was slivering
we were slivering
you were slivering
he/she/it was slivering
they were slivering
I will be slivering
we will be slivering
you will be slivering
he/she/it will be slivering
they will be slivering
I have been slivering
we have been slivering
you have been slivering
he/she/it has been slivering
they have been slivering
I had been slivering
we had been slivering
you had been slivering
he/she/it had been slivering
they had been slivering
I will have been slivering
we will have been slivering
you will have been slivering
he/she/it will have been slivering
they will have been slivering
I would have slivered
we would have slivered
you would have slivered
he/she/it would have slivered
they would have slivered
I would be slivering
we would be slivering
you would be slivering
he/she/it would be slivering
they would be slivering
I would have been slivering
we would have been slivering
you would have been slivering
he/she/it would have been slivering
they would have been slivering


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