How Do You Spell SLIVERY?

The word "slivery" is spelled with a combination of letters that can be confusing for some. Its IPA transcription is /slɪvəri/, meaning that it starts with the sound /s/ followed by /l/ and /ɪ/. The next part of the word is pronounced with the vowel sound /ə/, which sounds like the schwa sound. The ending is made up of /v/ and /əri/, with the final syllable being pronounced with the /ri/ sound. Despite its confusing spelling, "slivery" is used to describe something that is shiny or silvery in color.

Common Misspellings for SLIVERY

  • alivery
  • zlivery
  • xlivery
  • wlivery
  • skivery
  • spivery
  • soivery
  • sluvery
  • sljvery
  • slkvery
  • slovery
  • sl9very
  • sl8very
  • slicery
  • slibery
  • sligery
  • slifery
  • slivwry
  • slivsry
  • slivevy

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