How Do You Spell SLOT?

Pronunciation: [slˈɒt] (IPA)

The word "slot" is spelled with four letters, but its pronunciation can be a bit tricky due to the silent "o". The correct IPA phonetic transcription for "slot" is /slɑt/. Note that the "o" does not contribute to the pronunciation and the "s" sound is followed by a voiced "l". This word can have multiple meanings including a narrow opening, an allocated time or position, or a space for inserting something. Its spelling does not follow a consistent pattern with the pronunciation, making it important to familiarize oneself with the word's sound.

SLOT Meaning and Definition

  1. Slot can be used as a noun or a verb, possessing various meanings depending on the context. As a noun, it commonly refers to a small and narrow aperture or opening, often intended to accommodate something specific. For instance, a slot can be a narrow groove or slit in a surface that allows an object to be inserted or fit into it, such as inserting coins into a vending machine. It can also pertain to a designated position or space for an item or person, like a parking slot for a vehicle or a time slot for a scheduled event.

    Furthermore, the term "slot" widely relates to gambling and gaming. In this context, it refers to a particular place on a machine where a wager can be placed or a game can be played. Slot machines typically feature several slots, each with different symbols or numbers that determine the outcome of the game when the reels are spun.

    As a verb, slot signifies the act of placing, fitting, or allocating something into a specific position or space. It involves positioning or arranging objects or activities according to a particular order, schedule, or plan. Additionally, to slot can convey the idea of reserving or assigning a specific time or place for someone or something within a predetermined schedule.

    Overall, whether used as a noun or verb, "slot" generally refers to a designated position, space, or opening where something can be inserted, placed, or accommodated, ranging from physical objects to temporal arrangements.

  2. • The print of a stag's foot on the ground; a depression or mortise in a plate of metal, or a slit through it; in a theatre, a trap-door in the stage.
    • A piece of timber which connects or holds together larger pieces; a flat wooden bar; a mortise.
    • To slit or groove.

    Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

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Etymology of SLOT

The word "slot" originated from Middle Dutch "sloot" or Middle Low German "slūt", meaning a narrow opening or trench. It is related to the Old High German "slūz", which referred to a lock or barrier. Ultimately, it can be traced back to the Proto-Germanic root "*slutą", signifying an obstruction or barrier.

Idioms with the word SLOT

  • fall/slot into place The idiom "fall/slot into place" refers to a situation or set of circumstances aligning perfectly and working out smoothly. It implies that things or plans are falling into their intended positions or order effortlessly.

Similar spelling words for SLOT

Plural form of SLOT is SLOTS

Conjugate verb Slot


I would slot
you would slot
he/she/it would slot
we would slot
they would slot


I would be slotting
you would be slotting
he/she/it would be slotting
we would be slotting
they would be slotting


I would have slot
you would have slot
he/she/it would have slot
we would have slot
they would have slot


I would have been slotting
you would have been slotting
he/she/it would have been slotting
we would have been slotting
they would have been slotting


I will slot
you will slot
he/she/it will slot
we will slot
they will slot


I will be slotting
you will be slotting
he/she/it will be slotting
we will be slotting
they will be slotting


I will have slotted
you will have slotted
he/she/it will have slotted
we will have slotted
they will have slotted


I will have been slotting
you will have been slotting
he/she/it will have been slotting
we will have been slotting
they will have been slotting


you slot
we let´s slot


to slot


I slotted
you slotted
he/she/it slotted
we slotted
they slotted


I was slotting
you were slotting
he/she/it was slotting
we were slotting
they were slotting




I had slotted
you had slotted
he/she/it had slotted
we had slotted
they had slotted


I had been slotting
you had been slotting
he/she/it had been slotting
we had been slotting
they had been slotting


I slot
you slot
he/she/it slots
we slot
they slot


I am slotting
you are slotting
he/she/it is slotting
we are slotting
they are slotting




I have slotted
you have slotted
he/she/it has slotted
we have slotted
they have slotted


I have been slotting
you have been slotting
he/she/it has been slotting
we have been slotting
they have been slotting
I would have slotted
we would have slotted
you would have slotted
he/she/it would have slotted
they would have slotted


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