How Do You Spell SNOB?

Pronunciation: [snˈɒb] (IPA)

The word "snob" is spelled with four letters and pronounced as /snɑb/. The first letter "s" is pronounced as /s/ and indicates the beginning of the word. The "n" is pronounced as /n/, followed by the vowel sound "o," pronounced as /ɑ/. Finally, the "b" is pronounced as /b/. The word "snob" refers to a person who thinks they are superior to others because of their social status, wealth, or education. It can also be used as an adjective to describe someone or something that is pretentious or elitist.

SNOB Meaning and Definition

  1. A snob is an individual who possesses an exaggerated sense of superiority and looks down upon others with disdain, based on their perceived social standing, wealth, education, or taste. This term is typically used to describe someone who believes themselves to be part of an elite group distinguished by particular social or cultural attributes. Snobbery is often connected to attitudes of exclusivity, pretentiousness, and arrogance.

    Snobs often display their superiority through a variety of behaviors, such as condescending remarks, dismissive attitudes, or a general aloofness toward those they consider beneath them. They may place great importance on material possessions, brand names, or lavish lifestyles, using these as markers of their own perceived superiority. Some snobs also exhibit a desire to associate only with people they consider to be in their social class or of a similar background, while rejecting those they deem "inferior."

    Snobbery is not limited to a single domain, as one can be a snob in various aspects of life, including fashion, art, food, literature, and even intellect. A person can also be a snob about their own social or cultural background, insisting on its superiority over others.

    It is important to note that the concept of snobbery is subjective and dependent on societal or cultural norms. What one person may view as snobbish behavior, another may consider a genuine expression of taste or refinement. Regardless, snobbery often creates division, fosters a sense of exclusion, and perpetuates social hierarchies.

  2. A vulgar person who apes gentility; one who is always pretending to be something better; one who works for lower wages than other workmen, especially one who works in a shop out on strike.

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Etymology of SNOB

The word "snob" is believed to have originated in the early 18th century in Britain. Its etymology is not entirely clear, but there are a couple of theories about its origins.

One theory suggests that the term "snob" may have derived from the Latin phrase "sine nobilitate", which means "without nobility" or "without distinction". In the early 1700s, this term was reportedly used at Oxford University to refer to students who were not of noble birth, but who tried to imitate the behaviors and manners of the upper class. Over time, "sine nobilitate" could have evolved into "snob".

Another theory suggests a different origin for the word. It may have come from the English dialectal term "snob" or "snub", which meant a shoemaker or apprentice.

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Plural form of SNOB is SNOBS


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