How Do You Spell SOBS?

Correct spelling for the English word "sobs" is [s_ˈɒ_b_z], [sˈɒbz], [sˈɒbz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for SOBS

Below is the list of 145 misspellings for the word "sobs".

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Anagrams of SOBS

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Usage Examples for SOBS

  1. She turns and sees Emily, whom she believed to be asleep, but from whom anxiety and the sobs of Gertrude banished slumber, is standing by her side. - "The Lamplighter" by Maria S. Cummins
  2. Long, terrible, hysterical sobs were coming from the bowed frame- but no tears. - "Mistress Margery" by Emily Sarah Holt

What does sobs stand for?

Abbreviation SOBS means:

  1. Space Order of Battles
  2. Space Object Behavioral Sciences

Conjugate verb Sobs


I would sob
we would sob
you would sob
he/she/it would sob
they would sob


I will sob
we will sob
you will sob
he/she/it will sob
they will sob


I will have sobbed
we will have sobbed
you will have sobbed
he/she/it will have sobbed
they will have sobbed


I sobbed
we sobbed
you sobbed
he/she/it sobbed
they sobbed


I had sobbed
we had sobbed
you had sobbed
he/she/it had sobbed
they had sobbed


I sob
we sob
you sob
he/she/it sobs
they sob


I have sobbed
we have sobbed
you have sobbed
he/she/it has sobbed
they have sobbed
I am sobbing
we are sobbing
you are sobbing
he/she/it is sobbing
they are sobbing
I was sobbing
we were sobbing
you were sobbing
he/she/it was sobbing
they were sobbing
I will be sobbing
we will be sobbing
you will be sobbing
he/she/it will be sobbing
they will be sobbing
I have been sobbing
we have been sobbing
you have been sobbing
he/she/it has been sobbing
they have been sobbing
I had been sobbing
we had been sobbing
you had been sobbing
he/she/it had been sobbing
they had been sobbing
I will have been sobbing
we will have been sobbing
you will have been sobbing
he/she/it will have been sobbing
they will have been sobbing
I would have sobbed
we would have sobbed
you would have sobbed
he/she/it would have sobbed
they would have sobbed
I would be sobbing
we would be sobbing
you would be sobbing
he/she/it would be sobbing
they would be sobbing
I would have been sobbing
we would have been sobbing
you would have been sobbing
he/she/it would have been sobbing
they would have been sobbing