How Do You Spell SOLEA?

The word "solea" is a bit tricky when it comes to its spelling. It is derived from Latin and refers to the bottom of a shoe, particularly that of a sandal. The pronunciation of "solea" is /sɒˈliːə/, which contains two diphthongs, 'o-e' and 'e-a'. The 'o-e' sound is pronounced like a short 'o' followed by a long 'e', while 'e-a' sounds like a long 'e' followed by a short 'a'. So, the correct spelling of "solea" would be with an 'e' after the 'o', which is contrary to how it is commonly spelled as 'sole'.

Common Misspellings for SOLEA

  • aolea
  • zolea
  • xolea
  • dolea
  • eolea
  • wolea
  • silea
  • sklea
  • sllea
  • splea
  • s0lea
  • s9lea
  • sokea
  • sopea
  • sooea
  • solwa
  • solsa
  • sol4a
  • sol3a
  • sonea

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