How Do You Spell SOMEWAY?

The spelling of the word "someway" can be confusing for many people. When pronounced, it sounds like "SUHM-wey" with the emphasis on the first syllable. The reason for the spelling is due to the different pronunciations of the adverb "some" and the noun "way". The "o" in "some" turns into an "a" in order to connect with the "w" sound in "way". This results in the unique spelling of "someway".

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Similar spelling words for SOMEWAY

102 words made out of letters SOMEWAY

3 letters

4 letters

5 letters

  • moyas,
  • moesa,
  • womey,
  • wesam,
  • yowes,
  • maewo,
  • seyam,
  • meows,
  • mowas,
  • aweys,
  • samye,
  • masoe,
  • mosey,
  • masey,
  • mayos,
  • sweam,
  • wames,
  • moyes,
  • swamy,
  • ewaso,
  • ewyas,
  • soame,
  • seamy,
  • moyse,
  • mawes.