How Do You Spell SORTING?

Correct spelling for the English word "sorting" is [s_ˈɔː_t_ɪ_ŋ], [sˈɔːtɪŋ], [sˈɔːtɪŋ]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for SORTING

Below is the list of 433 misspellings for the word "sorting".

Similar spelling words for SORTING

Plural form of SORTING is SORTINGS

Definition of SORTING

  1. grouping by class or kind or size

Anagrams of SORTING

7 letters

  • storing.

6 letters

5 letters

Usage Examples for SORTING

  1. He lingered, glancing now and again at the heap of correspondence that would occupy them next morning, and sorting once more the little pile that would need immediate personal attention. - "A Prisoner in Fairyland" by Algernon Blackwood
  2. All the time that her mother was sorting, counting, and arranging where things should go, she sat in the window sullen and unhappy, looking out at the pansy- bed. - "Nine Little Goslings" by Susan Coolidge

Conjugate verb Sorting


I would sort
we would sort
you would sort
he/she/it would sort
they would sort


I will sort
we will sort
you will sort
he/she/it will sort
they will sort


I will have sorted
we will have sorted
you will have sorted
he/she/it will have sorted
they will have sorted


I sorted
we sorted
you sorted
he/she/it sorted
they sorted


I had sorted
we had sorted
you had sorted
he/she/it had sorted
they had sorted


I sort
we sort
you sort
he/she/it sorts
they sort


I have sorted
we have sorted
you have sorted
he/she/it has sorted
they have sorted
I am sorting
we are sorting
you are sorting
he/she/it is sorting
they are sorting
I was sorting
we were sorting
you were sorting
he/she/it was sorting
they were sorting
I will be sorting
we will be sorting
you will be sorting
he/she/it will be sorting
they will be sorting
I have been sorting
we have been sorting
you have been sorting
he/she/it has been sorting
they have been sorting
I had been sorting
we had been sorting
you had been sorting
he/she/it had been sorting
they had been sorting
I will have been sorting
we will have been sorting
you will have been sorting
he/she/it will have been sorting
they will have been sorting
I would have sorted
we would have sorted
you would have sorted
he/she/it would have sorted
they would have sorted
I would be sorting
we would be sorting
you would be sorting
he/she/it would be sorting
they would be sorting
I would have been sorting
we would have been sorting
you would have been sorting
he/she/it would have been sorting
they would have been sorting