How Do You Spell SOWS?

Pronunciation: [sˈə͡ʊz] (IPA)

The word "sows" is spelled with the letters S-O-W-S. The first sound is an /s/ sound, followed by an /aʊ/ diphthong, which is the sound of the vowel in "now" or "cow." The final sound is another /s/. The word can be pronounced as "s-ow-s," with the emphasis on the first syllable. "Sows" is a plural form of the noun "sow," which refers to a female pig. It can also be a verb that means to plant or scatter seeds.

SOWS Meaning and Definition

  1. SOWS is a verb that can have various meanings depending on the context. Here are two common definitions:

    1. SOWS refers to the act of scattering, distributing, or planting seeds, usually by hand, in order to grow crops or plants. This agricultural practice is essential in cultivating various types of food and resources. Sowing involves creating furrows or holes in the soil and placing the seeds within them. It is typically done during the appropriate season to maximize the chances of germination and successful crop growth. The process of sowing requires knowledge of the specific crop requirements, including the right depth and spacing for each seed. Sowing is a vital activity in both small-scale gardening and large-scale farming.

    2. SOWS can also be used figuratively to describe the act of introducing or promoting something new or initiating a process or idea. In this sense, it refers to the act of spreading information, concepts, or initiatives in order to create awareness or stimulate change. This usage of the term is common in discussions about social, economic, or political progress. For example, an organization or individual may sow the seeds of innovation by proposing new strategies or ideas aimed at improving a particular field. The goal of such metaphorical sowing is to inspire, educate, or engage others in order to foster growth and development.

Common Misspellings for SOWS

Conjugate verb Sows


I would sow
we would sow
you would sow
he/she/it would sow
they would sow


I will sow
we will sow
you will sow
he/she/it will sow
they will sow


I will have sowed, will have sown
we will have sowed, will have sown
you will have sowed, will have sown
he/she/it will have sowed, will have sown
they will have sowed, will have sown


I sowed
we sowed
you sowed
he/she/it sowed
they sowed


I had sowed, had sown
we had sowed, had sown
you had sowed, had sown
he/she/it had sowed, had sown
they had sowed, had sown


I sow
we sow
you sow
he/she/it sows
they sow


I have sowed, have sown
we have sowed, have sown
you have sowed, have sown
he/she/it has sowed, has sown
they have sowed, have sown
I am sowing
we are sowing
you are sowing
he/she/it is sowing
they are sowing
I was sowing
we were sowing
you were sowing
he/she/it was sowing
they were sowing
I will be sowing
we will be sowing
you will be sowing
he/she/it will be sowing
they will be sowing
I have been sowing
we have been sowing
you have been sowing
he/she/it has been sowing
they have been sowing
I had been sowing
we had been sowing
you had been sowing
he/she/it had been sowing
they had been sowing
I will have been sowing
we will have been sowing
you will have been sowing
he/she/it will have been sowing
they will have been sowing
I would have sowed, would have sown
we would have sowed, would have sown
you would have sowed, would have sown
he/she/it would have sowed, would have sown
they would have sowed, would have sown
I would be sowing
we would be sowing
you would be sowing
he/she/it would be sowing
they would be sowing
I would have been sowing
we would have been sowing
you would have been sowing
he/she/it would have been sowing
they would have been sowing


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