How Do You Spell SQUARES?

Correct spelling for the English word "squares" is [skwˈe͡əz], [skwˈe‍əz], [s_k_w_ˈeə_z]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for SQUARES

Below is the list of 291 misspellings for the word "squares".

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Anagrams of SQUARES

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Usage Examples for SQUARES

  1. The Chief had it done in a moment and the tiny squares of paper fluttered to the floor. - "The Boy Scouts on a Submarine" by Captain John Blaine
  2. He had brought several copies of the large chart with him from New York, and he had cut them up into convenient squares, so that they could be easily handled when he was on boat service. - "Fighting for the Right" by Oliver Optic

Conjugate verb Squares


I would square
we would square
you would square
he/she/it would square
they would square


I will square
we will square
you will square
he/she/it will square
they will square


I will have squared
we will have squared
you will have squared
he/she/it will have squared
they will have squared


I squared
we squared
you squared
he/she/it squared
they squared


I had squared
we had squared
you had squared
he/she/it had squared
they had squared


I square
we square
you square
he/she/it squares
they square


I have squared
we have squared
you have squared
he/she/it has squared
they have squared
I am squaring
we are squaring
you are squaring
he/she/it is squaring
they are squaring
I was squaring
we were squaring
you were squaring
he/she/it was squaring
they were squaring
I will be squaring
we will be squaring
you will be squaring
he/she/it will be squaring
they will be squaring
I have been squaring
we have been squaring
you have been squaring
he/she/it has been squaring
they have been squaring
I had been squaring
we had been squaring
you had been squaring
he/she/it had been squaring
they had been squaring
I will have been squaring
we will have been squaring
you will have been squaring
he/she/it will have been squaring
they will have been squaring
I would have squared
we would have squared
you would have squared
he/she/it would have squared
they would have squared
I would be squaring
we would be squaring
you would be squaring
he/she/it would be squaring
they would be squaring
I would have been squaring
we would have been squaring
you would have been squaring
he/she/it would have been squaring
they would have been squaring