How Do You Spell SQUIRES?

Correct spelling for the English word "Squires" is [skwˈa͡ɪ͡əz], [skwˈa‍ɪ‍əz], [s_k_w_ˈaɪə_z]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for SQUIRES

Below is the list of 156 misspellings for the word "squires".

Anagrams of SQUIRES

7 letters

  • squires.

6 letters

5 letters

Usage Examples for SQUIRES

  1. But there are very bad squires, and the owner of the Grange is one of them. - "Tom Brown at Oxford" by Thomas Hughes
  2. One dismal morning, when a month had passed, my heart sank, as did those of all the Mountjoys, as we made out the tall figure in black armor and the long gray beard of the Lord of Carleton, again making his rounds at the head of a group of knights and squires. - "Cedric, the Forester" by Bernard Gay Marshall

Conjugate verb Squires


I would squire
we would squire
you would squire
he/she/it would squire
they would squire


I will squire
we will squire
you will squire
he/she/it will squire
they will squire


I will have squired
we will have squired
you will have squired
he/she/it will have squired
they will have squired


I squired
we squired
you squired
he/she/it squired
they squired


I had squired
we had squired
you had squired
he/she/it had squired
they had squired


I squire
we squire
you squire
he/she/it squires
they squire


I have squired
we have squired
you have squired
he/she/it has squired
they have squired
I am squiring
we are squiring
you are squiring
he/she/it is squiring
they are squiring
I was squiring
we were squiring
you were squiring
he/she/it was squiring
they were squiring
I will be squiring
we will be squiring
you will be squiring
he/she/it will be squiring
they will be squiring
I have been squiring
we have been squiring
you have been squiring
he/she/it has been squiring
they have been squiring
I had been squiring
we had been squiring
you had been squiring
he/she/it had been squiring
they had been squiring
I will have been squiring
we will have been squiring
you will have been squiring
he/she/it will have been squiring
they will have been squiring
I would have squired
we would have squired
you would have squired
he/she/it would have squired
they would have squired
I would be squiring
we would be squiring
you would be squiring
he/she/it would be squiring
they would be squiring
I would have been squiring
we would have been squiring
you would have been squiring
he/she/it would have been squiring
they would have been squiring