How Do You Spell STABBED?

Correct spelling for the English word "stabbed" is [stˈabd], [stˈabd], [s_t_ˈa_b_d]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Definition of STABBED

  1. pierced with a pointed weapon

Common Misspellings for STABBED

Below is the list of 209 misspellings for the word "stabbed".

Usage Examples for STABBED

  1. She began to tremble, for another thought stabbed her. - "The Long Lane's Turning" by Hallie Erminie Rives
  2. The pain stabbed her like a knife. - "The Gay Cockade" by Temple Bailey
  3. How long did Gage live after he was stabbed?" - "The Gray Phantom's Return" by Herman Landon
  4. Yet in the morning he was discovered lying on the floor of the front- room, stabbed to the heart from behind. - "My Strangest Case" by Guy Boothby
  5. Stupidity has stabbed in the back more deadly wounds than did the enemy in front. - "Diary from March 4, 1861, to November 12, 1862" by Adam Gurowski