How Do You Spell STEAMS?

Correct spelling for the English word "steams" is [stˈiːmz], [stˈiːmz], [s_t_ˈiː_m_z] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for STEAMS

Below is the list of 161 misspellings for the word "steams".

Similar spelling words for STEAMS

36 words made out of letters STEAMS

4 letters

  • sets,
  • tame,
  • east,
  • stem,
  • meat,
  • mesa,
  • etas,
  • seat,
  • sate,
  • eats,
  • seas,
  • same,
  • seta,
  • mess,
  • teas,
  • mate,
  • tams,
  • mast,
  • mats,
  • seam,
  • mass,
  • team.

5 letters

  • seams,
  • teams,
  • steam,
  • mates,
  • sates,
  • stems,
  • tasse,
  • mesas,
  • masse,
  • seats,
  • meats,
  • masts,
  • asset,
  • tames.

Conjugate verb Steams


I would steam
we would steam
you would steam
he/she/it would steam
they would steam


I will steam
we will steam
you will steam
he/she/it will steam
they will steam


I will have steamed
we will have steamed
you will have steamed
he/she/it will have steamed
they will have steamed


I steamed
we steamed
you steamed
he/she/it steamed
they steamed


I had steamed
we had steamed
you had steamed
he/she/it had steamed
they had steamed


I steam
we steam
you steam
he/she/it steams
they steam


I have steamed
we have steamed
you have steamed
he/she/it has steamed
they have steamed
I am steaming
we are steaming
you are steaming
he/she/it is steaming
they are steaming
I was steaming
we were steaming
you were steaming
he/she/it was steaming
they were steaming
I will be steaming
we will be steaming
you will be steaming
he/she/it will be steaming
they will be steaming
I have been steaming
we have been steaming
you have been steaming
he/she/it has been steaming
they have been steaming
I had been steaming
we had been steaming
you had been steaming
he/she/it had been steaming
they had been steaming
I will have been steaming
we will have been steaming
you will have been steaming
he/she/it will have been steaming
they will have been steaming
I would have steamed
we would have steamed
you would have steamed
he/she/it would have steamed
they would have steamed
I would be steaming
we would be steaming
you would be steaming
he/she/it would be steaming
they would be steaming
I would have been steaming
we would have been steaming
you would have been steaming
he/she/it would have been steaming
they would have been steaming


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