How Do You Spell STEEPED?

Correct spelling for the English word "Steeped" is [stˈiːpt], [stˈiːpt], [s_t_ˈiː_p_t]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for STEEPED

Below is the list of 108 misspellings for the word "steeped".

Definition of STEEPED

  1. of Steep

Anagrams of STEEPED

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Usage Examples for STEEPED

  1. The Fourth Gospel is steeped in symbolism of this kind. - "Christian Mysticism" by William Ralph Inge
  2. So far as he had gone, he was in touch with it; he was steeped to the eyes in local color- and there was the rub The lure of it was strong upon him, and he might not loosen its hold. - "The Lure of the Dim Trails" by by (AKA B. M. Sinclair) B. M. Bower

Conjugate verb Steeped


I would steep
we would steep
you would steep
he/she/it would steep
they would steep


I will steep
we will steep
you will steep
he/she/it will steep
they will steep


I will have steeped
we will have steeped
you will have steeped
he/she/it will have steeped
they will have steeped


I steeped
we steeped
you steeped
he/she/it steeped
they steeped


I had steeped
we had steeped
you had steeped
he/she/it had steeped
they had steeped


I steep
we steep
you steep
he/she/it steeps
they steep


I have steeped
we have steeped
you have steeped
he/she/it has steeped
they have steeped
I am steeping
we are steeping
you are steeping
he/she/it is steeping
they are steeping
I was steeping
we were steeping
you were steeping
he/she/it was steeping
they were steeping
I will be steeping
we will be steeping
you will be steeping
he/she/it will be steeping
they will be steeping
I have been steeping
we have been steeping
you have been steeping
he/she/it has been steeping
they have been steeping
I had been steeping
we had been steeping
you had been steeping
he/she/it had been steeping
they had been steeping
I will have been steeping
we will have been steeping
you will have been steeping
he/she/it will have been steeping
they will have been steeping
I would have steeped
we would have steeped
you would have steeped
he/she/it would have steeped
they would have steeped
I would be steeping
we would be steeping
you would be steeping
he/she/it would be steeping
they would be steeping
I would have been steeping
we would have been steeping
you would have been steeping
he/she/it would have been steeping
they would have been steeping