How Do You Spell STELE?

The word "stele" is spelled with five letters, with a phonetic transcription of /stil/. The vowel sound is represented by the letter "e," however, the final "e" is silent. The consonants "s," "t," and "l" all correspond to their respective phonetic sounds. "Stele" is a term used in archaeology to describe an upright monument typically made of stone or wood, often used to commemorate a significant event or person. It is important to spell this word accurately to avoid confusion in academic and professional environments.

Common Misspellings for STELE

  • ztele
  • xtele
  • dtele
  • etele
  • wtele
  • srele
  • sfele
  • sgele
  • syele
  • s6ele
  • s5ele
  • stdle
  • strle
  • st4le
  • st3le
  • steoe
  • steld
  • stelr
  • stel4
  • stelate
  • Fastell

Similar spelling words for STELE

Plural form of STELE is STELAE OR STELES

26 words made out of letters STELE

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