How Do You Spell STERNA?

The word "sterna" is spelled with the consonant cluster "st" followed by the vowel sound "er" and the nasal sound "n" in the final syllable. In IPA phonetic transcription, the pronunciation is /ˈstɜːrnə/. This word is a plural noun meaning the breastbone or a part of a bird's skeleton that attaches to the wings. When learning to spell "sterna", it is important to remember the "-er-" sound rather than "ar" or "ir" commonly found in similar words.

Common Misspellings for STERNA

  • aterna
  • zterna
  • xterna
  • dterna
  • wterna
  • srerna
  • sferna
  • sgerna
  • syerna
  • s6erna
  • s5erna
  • stwrna
  • stsrna
  • stdrna
  • strrna
  • st4rna
  • st3rna
  • steena
  • stedna

Similar spelling words for STERNA

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