How Do You Spell STEROL?

The word "sterol" is pronounced as /ˈstɛrɔl/. The spelling of this word is determined by its Greek origin and the sounds that make up the word. In Greek, "stéros" means "solid", and "olē" refers to an organic compound. The combination of these sounds gives us "sterol", which is a type of organic molecule found in many organisms. The spelling of "sterol" also follows the usual English pronunciation rules, where "st" is pronounced as /st/, "e" as /ɛ/, "ro" as /roʊ/, and "l" as /l/.

Common Misspellings for STEROL

  • aterol
  • zterol
  • xterol
  • dterol
  • eterol
  • wterol
  • srerol
  • sferol
  • sgerol
  • syerol
  • s6erol
  • s5erol
  • stwrol
  • stsrol
  • stdrol
  • strrol
  • st4rol
  • st3rol
  • stedol

Similar spelling words for STEROL

Plural form of STEROL is STEROLS

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