How Do You Spell STEWED?

Correct spelling for the English word "stewed" is [stjˈuːd], [stjˈuːd], [s_t_j_ˈuː_d]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for STEWED

Below is the list of 219 misspellings for the word "stewed".

Similar spelling words for STEWED

Definition of STEWED

  1. of Stew

Anagrams of STEWED

6 letters

  • tweeds.

5 letters

4 letters

Usage Examples for STEWED

  1. Raspberries and currants stewed together may be used instead of strawberries. - "Desserts and Salads" by Gesine Lemcke
  2. You know you said that you'd as soon eat stewed bull- frogs as anything grown by the Monsieurs, and all York was stewing prunes! - "The ghosts of their ancestors" by Weymer Jay Mills
  3. " He has hams stewed in Madeira, and Perigord pies, I dare say, at his Aunt Mostyn's," John thought, despairingly. - "John Marchmont's Legacy, Volume I (of 3)" by Mary E. Braddon
  4. Salvation seems to be handed out in Verona without ice cream and cake, and the odor of sancity and stewed oysters do not go inevitably hand in hand. - "Remarks" by Bill Nye
  5. If desired, the meat may be stewed in tomato juice instead of water. - "School and Home Cooking" by Carlotta C. Greer

Conjugate verb Stewed


I would stew
we would stew
you would stew
he/she/it would stew
they would stew


I will stew
we will stew
you will stew
he/she/it will stew
they will stew


I will have stewed
we will have stewed
you will have stewed
he/she/it will have stewed
they will have stewed


I stewed
we stewed
you stewed
he/she/it stewed
they stewed


I had stewed
we had stewed
you had stewed
he/she/it had stewed
they had stewed


I stew
we stew
you stew
he/she/it stews
they stew


I have stewed
we have stewed
you have stewed
he/she/it has stewed
they have stewed
I am stewing
we are stewing
you are stewing
he/she/it is stewing
they are stewing
I was stewing
we were stewing
you were stewing
he/she/it was stewing
they were stewing
I will be stewing
we will be stewing
you will be stewing
he/she/it will be stewing
they will be stewing
I have been stewing
we have been stewing
you have been stewing
he/she/it has been stewing
they have been stewing
I had been stewing
we had been stewing
you had been stewing
he/she/it had been stewing
they had been stewing
I will have been stewing
we will have been stewing
you will have been stewing
he/she/it will have been stewing
they will have been stewing
I would have stewed
we would have stewed
you would have stewed
he/she/it would have stewed
they would have stewed
I would be stewing
we would be stewing
you would be stewing
he/she/it would be stewing
they would be stewing
I would have been stewing
we would have been stewing
you would have been stewing
he/she/it would have been stewing
they would have been stewing