How Do You Spell STILE?

Correct spelling for the English word "stile" is [stˈa͡ɪl], [stˈa‍ɪl], [s_t_ˈaɪ_l]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for STILE

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Similar spelling words for STILE

Plural form of STILE is STILES

Definition of STILE

  1. A pin set on the face of a dial to form a shadow. See Style.

Anagrams of STILE

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Usage Examples for STILE

  1. I diligently and painfully continued my search, and at length was rewarded by seeing a stile in the back fence. - "Who Goes There?" by Blackwood Ketcham Benson
  2. These in the meantime had got into the road, and were walking along it as the woman came up on the other side of the boundary hedge, looking for a gate or stile, by which she, too, might get off the grass upon the hard ground. - "Desperate Remedies" by Thomas Hardy

What does stile stand for?

Abbreviation STILE means:

  1. Stop Turbines in Lunesdale Environment
  2. Surgery vs Thrombolysis for Ischemic Lower Extremity