How Do You Spell STOCK?

Correct spelling for the English word "stock" is [stˈɒk], [stˈɒk], [s_t_ˈɒ_k]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Definition of STOCK

  1. Stump, butt, main trunk, plant into which graft is inserted, bodypiece serving as base or holder or handle for working parts of implement or machine, (source of) family or breed, raw material of manufacture, store ready for drawing on, equipment for trade or pursuit, (they nest in the ss. of trees, archaic use; ss. & stones, inanimate things, lethargic persons; laughing, gazing, &c., -s., butt for ridicule &c.; must be grafted on a sound s.; s. of rifle, plane, plough, main part, usu. of wood, into which barrel, blade, share, &c., are fastened; s. of bit, brace; s. of anvil, base it rests on; s. of anchor, crossbar; lock, s., & barrel fig., completely, root& branch; comes of a good, Puritan, treacherous, &c., s., family of distinct character; polyp &c. -s. in Zool., aggregate organism; paper &c. s., rags &c. from which paper &c. is made; soup-s. or usUnited States, liquor made by stewing bones &c. as basis for any sort of soup; has a great s. of information, hardware; Rolling s.; take over a farm with the s., its animals, also live s., & implements, also dead s.; s.-in-trade, all requisites for a trade, also fig. as the politician\'s s.-in-t. of a dozen catch-words; renew one\'s s.; lay in a s. of; have in s., have ready without need of procuring specially; take s., review one\'s s. for accurate knowledge of what one has in s.; so s.-taking n.; take s. of fig., observe with a view to estimating character &c. of; s. argument, comparison, remark, joke, &c., one that requires no fresh thought but is always at hand& perpetually repeated whether by individual or by people in general); kinds(common or ten-weeks, Virginia, &c., s.) of fragrant-flowered usu. hoary-leaved garden plant(orig. s.-gilliflower, named as having stronger stem than clove-gilliflower or pink); (pl., hist.) timber frame with holes for feet and sometimes hands in which petty offenders were confined in sitting position: (pl.) timbers on which ship rests while building(on the ss., in construction or preparation, often transf.); stiff wide band of leather or other material formerly worn round neck, now displaced in general use by collar& tie, but surviving in some military uniforms& sometimes revived in modified forms by fashion; (Finance) money lent to a government& involving payment of fixed interest to lenders or whomsoever their rights have passed to by purchase &c. (buy, hold, s., the right to receive such interest on some amount of s.; the ss., State\'s funded debts as a whole; has money, £50,000, in the ss.; take s. in fig., concern oneself with), capital of corporation or company contributed by individuals for prosecution of some undertaking& divided into(esp. £100) shares entitling holders to proportion of profits(also JOINT-s.; bank, railway, &c., s.; PREFERENCE or preferred s.; s. certificate; WATER s.); s.-account, -book, showing amount of goods laid in& amount disposed of; s.-breeder, raiser of live s.; s.-broker, -king, (person engaged in) buying& selling for clients on commission of ss. held by s.-jobbers; s.-car, cattle-truck; stockdove, European wild pigeon smaller& darker than rockdove; s. exchange, place where ss. & shares are publicly bought& sold, esp. the S. E., (building in London occupied by) association of dealers in ss. conducting business according to fixed rules(is on the S. E., a member of this association); s.-farm(er), that breeds lives.; stockfish, cod& similar fish split& dried in sun without salt; s.-gang, gang of saws in frame cutting log into boards at one passage; s.-jobber, -bing, -bery, (person engaged in) speculating in ss. with view of profiting by fluctuations in price, cf. s.-broker; s.-list, daily or periodical s.-exchange publication giving current prices of ss. &c.; s.-man(Austral.), man in charge of live s.; s.-market, s. exchange or transactions on it; s.-owl, the great eagle-owl; s.-pot, for making or keeping soup-s.; s.-rider(Austral.), herdsman on unfenced station; s.-still, motionless; s.-whip, with short handle& long lash for herding cattle; s.-yard, enclosure with pens &c. for sorting or temporary keeping of cattle; hence stockless a. (esp. of gun, anchor, &c.). (Vb) fit(gun &c.) with s.; (Hist.) confine in the ss.; provide(shop, farm, &c.) with goods or live s. or requisites(a well-stocked larder, library &c.); keep(goods) in s. (we do not s. the out sizes); fill or cover(land) with permanent growth esp. of pasture-grass; (of plant) = TILLER. [old English]

Common Misspellings for STOCK

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Usage Examples for STOCK

  1. Laughing- stock of Trimington, is he? - "Short Cruises" by W.W. Jacobs
  2. One thing sure, you've got a good third of the caravan stock." - "The Lone Ranche" by Captain Mayne Reid
  3. You know that stock. - "Saturday's Child" by Kathleen Norris
  4. She was, or would be, a laughing- stock? - "Leonore Stubbs" by L. B. Walford
  5. And just to set your mind at rest- he didn't make that offer because he wanted the stock, but to kind of help out the Widow." - "Shadow Mountain" by Dane Coolidge