How Do You Spell STONING?

Correct spelling for the English word "stoning" is [stˈə͡ʊnɪŋ], [stˈə‍ʊnɪŋ], [s_t_ˈəʊ_n_ɪ_ŋ] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for STONING

Below is the list of 217 misspellings for the word "stoning".

Similar spelling words for STONING

Plural form of STONING is STONINGS

100 words made out of letters STONING

3 letters

  • sin,
  • inn,
  • nit,
  • sit,
  • tog,
  • not,
  • nog,
  • iso,
  • son,
  • non,
  • ion,
  • sot,
  • gin,
  • ton,
  • tin,
  • nig.

4 letters

  • inst,
  • snog,
  • inns,
  • nong,
  • gons,
  • onni,
  • ogin,
  • nito,
  • song,
  • sogn,
  • ngon,
  • snit,
  • snot,
  • goit,
  • ngoi,
  • nits,
  • ning,
  • sign,
  • ings,
  • goti,
  • sinn,
  • sion,
  • igno,
  • tion,
  • gion,
  • gist,
  • togi,
  • sing,
  • itno,
  • tons,
  • iton,
  • togs,
  • iong,
  • igon,
  • gonn,
  • gois,
  • ting,
  • otis.

5 letters

  • goins,
  • signo,
  • oning,
  • nison,
  • ninos,
  • tonin,
  • gonin,
  • tigon,
  • tonis,
  • tongs,
  • ngsit,
  • tosin,
  • sinon,
  • sonti,
  • tiong,
  • sinno,
  • ngoni,
  • tsion,
  • niton,
  • tions,
  • inson,
  • sitno,
  • ingot,
  • tingo,
  • toing,
  • tings,
  • tsing,
  • isnot,
  • sonin,
  • nonis,
  • notin,
  • tsong,
  • nongs,
  • ingos,
  • siong,
  • nigon,
  • sting,
  • stong,
  • tinos,
  • stonn,
  • oints,
  • togni.

6 letters

  • nosing,
  • noting,
  • toning,
  • ingots.

Conjugate verb Stoning


I would stone
we would stone
you would stone
he/she/it would stone
they would stone


I will stone
we will stone
you will stone
he/she/it will stone
they will stone


I will have stoned
we will have stoned
you will have stoned
he/she/it will have stoned
they will have stoned


I stoned
we stoned
you stoned
he/she/it stoned
they stoned


I had stoned
we had stoned
you had stoned
he/she/it had stoned
they had stoned


I stone
we stone
you stone
he/she/it stones
they stone


I have stoned
we have stoned
you have stoned
he/she/it has stoned
they have stoned
I am stoning
we are stoning
you are stoning
he/she/it is stoning
they are stoning
I was stoning
we were stoning
you were stoning
he/she/it was stoning
they were stoning
I will be stoning
we will be stoning
you will be stoning
he/she/it will be stoning
they will be stoning
I have been stoning
we have been stoning
you have been stoning
he/she/it has been stoning
they have been stoning
I had been stoning
we had been stoning
you had been stoning
he/she/it had been stoning
they had been stoning
I will have been stoning
we will have been stoning
you will have been stoning
he/she/it will have been stoning
they will have been stoning
I would have stoned
we would have stoned
you would have stoned
he/she/it would have stoned
they would have stoned
I would be stoning
we would be stoning
you would be stoning
he/she/it would be stoning
they would be stoning
I would have been stoning
we would have been stoning
you would have been stoning
he/she/it would have been stoning
they would have been stoning


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