How Do You Spell STRIDES?

Pronunciation: [stɹˈa͡ɪdz] (IPA)

The word "strides" is spelled with eight letters and pronounced as /straɪdz/. The first syllable is emphasized with a long "i" sound, denoted by the IPA symbol /aɪ/, while the second syllable is pronounced as "dz," represented by /dz/. The plural form of "stride," it refers to long steps taken while walking or running, indicating progress or momentum. The correct spelling and phonetic pronunciation of "strides" allows effective communication and understanding of its meaning.

STRIDES Meaning and Definition

  1. Strides, as a noun, refers to a series of continuous long steps or vigorous movements made while walking, running, or striding. The term implies a purposeful, confident gait or movement with a sense of progress or accomplishment. Strides usually involve the pushing off of a foot to cover a significant distance or to move forward swiftly. They require coordinated effort from the legs and often demonstrate strength and confidence.

    As a verb, strides refer to the act of taking long steps or making significant advances in a particular field or aspect of life. It suggests making substantial progress or improvement towards a goal or objective. Striding can also denote dominating or controlling a situation or environment through determined and assertive actions. It conveys a sense of confidence, ambition, and determination to overcome obstacles or challenges.

    In a broader context, strides can represent positive developments or advancements in various aspects, such as technology, science, medicine, or social change. These advancements often bring about tangible and significant improvements in different domains. "Making strides" can be seen as a symbol of growth, progress, and achievement, where individuals or entities are actively working towards betterment, innovation, or success.

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Idioms with the word STRIDES

  • make great strides The idiom "make great strides" means to make significant progress or advances towards achieving a particular goal or objective. It implies making noticeable improvements or taking large steps forward in terms of growth, development, or success.
  • make great, rapid, etc. strides The idiom "make great, rapid, etc. strides" means to make significant progress or improvement in a particular situation or endeavor. It implies making notable advancements quickly or efficiently towards a goal.

Conjugate verb Strides


I would stride
we would stride
you would stride
he/she/it would stride
they would stride


I will stride
we will stride
you will stride
he/she/it will stride
they will stride


I will have stridden, will have strided
we will have stridden, will have strided
you will have stridden, will have strided
he/she/it will have stridden, will have strided
they will have stridden, will have strided


I strode
we strode
you strode
he/she/it strode
they strode


I had stridden, had strided
we had stridden, had strided
you had stridden, had strided
he/she/it had stridden, had strided
they had stridden, had strided


I stride
we stride
you stride
he/she/it strides
they stride


I have stridden, have strided
we have stridden, have strided
you have stridden, have strided
he/she/it has stridden, has strided
they have stridden, have strided
I am striding
we are striding
you are striding
he/she/it is striding
they are striding
I was striding
we were striding
you were striding
he/she/it was striding
they were striding
I will be striding
we will be striding
you will be striding
he/she/it will be striding
they will be striding
I have been striding
we have been striding
you have been striding
he/she/it has been striding
they have been striding
I had been striding
we had been striding
you had been striding
he/she/it had been striding
they had been striding
I will have been striding
we will have been striding
you will have been striding
he/she/it will have been striding
they will have been striding
I would have stridden, would have strided
we would have stridden, would have strided
you would have stridden, would have strided
he/she/it would have stridden, would have strided
they would have stridden, would have strided
I would be striding
we would be striding
you would be striding
he/she/it would be striding
they would be striding
I would have been striding
we would have been striding
you would have been striding
he/she/it would have been striding
they would have been striding


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