How Do You Spell STRUTS?

Correct spelling for the English word "struts" is [stɹˈʌts], [stɹˈʌts], [s_t_ɹ_ˈʌ_t_s]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for STRUTS

Below is the list of 136 misspellings for the word "struts".

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Anagrams of STRUTS

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Usage Examples for STRUTS

  1. " Well, he's young yet an' his soul struts a trifle, but wait till he's turned fifty an' he'll begin to be as good a Christian as he is a parson. - "The Miller Of Old Church" by Ellen Glasgow
  2. The Jimmie Harding who works down in Albemarle, and who struts a little in New York when he makes his speeches, is the ghost of the boy we knew. - "The Gay Cockade" by Temple Bailey

Conjugate verb Struts


I would strut
we would strut
you would strut
he/she/it would strut
they would strut


I will strut
we will strut
you will strut
he/she/it will strut
they will strut


I will have strutted
we will have strutted
you will have strutted
he/she/it will have strutted
they will have strutted


I strutted
we strutted
you strutted
he/she/it strutted
they strutted


I had strutted
we had strutted
you had strutted
he/she/it had strutted
they had strutted


I strut
we strut
you strut
he/she/it struts
they strut


I have strutted
we have strutted
you have strutted
he/she/it has strutted
they have strutted
I am strutting
we are strutting
you are strutting
he/she/it is strutting
they are strutting
I was strutting
we were strutting
you were strutting
he/she/it was strutting
they were strutting
I will be strutting
we will be strutting
you will be strutting
he/she/it will be strutting
they will be strutting
I have been strutting
we have been strutting
you have been strutting
he/she/it has been strutting
they have been strutting
I had been strutting
we had been strutting
you had been strutting
he/she/it had been strutting
they had been strutting
I will have been strutting
we will have been strutting
you will have been strutting
he/she/it will have been strutting
they will have been strutting
I would have strutted
we would have strutted
you would have strutted
he/she/it would have strutted
they would have strutted
I would be strutting
we would be strutting
you would be strutting
he/she/it would be strutting
they would be strutting
I would have been strutting
we would have been strutting
you would have been strutting
he/she/it would have been strutting
they would have been strutting