The word subordinates (/səˈbɔːrdɪnəts/) refers to individuals who are in a lower position of power or authority within a hierarchical structure. Phonetically, the word can be broken down into four syllables, starting with the unstressed syllable sə, followed by the stressed syllable bɔːr, then the unstressed syllable dɪ, and ending with the stressed syllable nəts. The correct spelling of this word is significant to maintain effective communication in a professional setting, where accurate spelling and grammar are critical.

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Conjugate verb Subordinates


I would subordinate
we would subordinate
you would subordinate
he/she/it would subordinate
they would subordinate


I will subordinate
we will subordinate
you will subordinate
he/she/it will subordinate
they will subordinate


I will have subordinated
we will have subordinated
you will have subordinated
he/she/it will have subordinated
they will have subordinated


I subordinated
we subordinated
you subordinated
he/she/it subordinated
they subordinated


I had subordinated
we had subordinated
you had subordinated
he/she/it had subordinated
they had subordinated


I subordinate
we subordinate
you subordinate
he/she/it subordinates
they subordinate


I have subordinated
we have subordinated
you have subordinated
he/she/it has subordinated
they have subordinated
I am subordinating
we are subordinating
you are subordinating
he/she/it is subordinating
they are subordinating
I was subordinating
we were subordinating
you were subordinating
he/she/it was subordinating
they were subordinating
I will be subordinating
we will be subordinating
you will be subordinating
he/she/it will be subordinating
they will be subordinating
I have been subordinating
we have been subordinating
you have been subordinating
he/she/it has been subordinating
they have been subordinating
I had been subordinating
we had been subordinating
you had been subordinating
he/she/it had been subordinating
they had been subordinating
I will have been subordinating
we will have been subordinating
you will have been subordinating
he/she/it will have been subordinating
they will have been subordinating
I would have subordinated
we would have subordinated
you would have subordinated
he/she/it would have subordinated
they would have subordinated
I would be subordinating
we would be subordinating
you would be subordinating
he/she/it would be subordinating
they would be subordinating
I would have been subordinating
we would have been subordinating
you would have been subordinating
he/she/it would have been subordinating
they would have been subordinating


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