How Do You Spell SUBSIDES?

The word "subsides" is spelled with a silent "b", which can be confusing for non-native English speakers or even native speakers who aren't familiar with the word. The pronunciation of the word is /səbˈsaɪdz/, with the emphasis on the second syllable. The "b" in the spelling of the word comes from its Latin origins, but over time the pronunciation has changed to exclude that particular letter. It means to become less intense, severe or violent, often describing the movement of water.

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Conjugate verb Subsides


I would subside
we would subside
you would subside
he/she/it would subside
they would subside


I will subside
we will subside
you will subside
he/she/it will subside
they will subside


I will have subsided
we will have subsided
you will have subsided
he/she/it will have subsided
they will have subsided


I subsided
we subsided
you subsided
he/she/it subsided
they subsided


I had subsided
we had subsided
you had subsided
he/she/it had subsided
they had subsided


I subside
we subside
you subside
he/she/it subsides
they subside


I have subsided
we have subsided
you have subsided
he/she/it has subsided
they have subsided
I am subsiding
we are subsiding
you are subsiding
he/she/it is subsiding
they are subsiding
I was subsiding
we were subsiding
you were subsiding
he/she/it was subsiding
they were subsiding
I will be subsiding
we will be subsiding
you will be subsiding
he/she/it will be subsiding
they will be subsiding
I have been subsiding
we have been subsiding
you have been subsiding
he/she/it has been subsiding
they have been subsiding
I had been subsiding
we had been subsiding
you had been subsiding
he/she/it had been subsiding
they had been subsiding
I will have been subsiding
we will have been subsiding
you will have been subsiding
he/she/it will have been subsiding
they will have been subsiding
I would have subsided
we would have subsided
you would have subsided
he/she/it would have subsided
they would have subsided
I would be subsiding
we would be subsiding
you would be subsiding
he/she/it would be subsiding
they would be subsiding
I would have been subsiding
we would have been subsiding
you would have been subsiding
he/she/it would have been subsiding
they would have been subsiding


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