How Do You Spell SURPRISING?

Correct spelling for the English word "surprising" is [s_ə_p_ɹ_ˈaɪ_z_ɪ_ŋ], [səpɹˈa͡ɪzɪŋ], [səpɹˈa‍ɪzɪŋ]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Definition of SURPRISING

  1. of Surprise

Common Misspellings for SURPRISING

Below is the list of 375 misspellings for the word "surprising".

Usage Examples for SURPRISING

  1. They are despatched in a way quite surprising; and a pig is killed upon the same principle as a pin is made,- by division, or, more properly speaking, by combination of labour. - "Diary in America, Series One" by Frederick Marryat (AKA Captain Marryat)
  2. Hence he made surprising progress in the course of a few months. - "The Chinese Fairy Book" by Various
  3. The surprising thing is that very few directly economic reasons are given. - "Commercialized Prostitution in New York City" by George Jackson Kneeland
  4. But, most surprising treatment! - "Trial-of-Mary-Blandy" by Roughead, William
  5. It was not surprising that Lizzie in her difficulties should use her new friend, but perhaps she over- did the friendship a little. - "The Eustace Diamonds" by Anthony Trollope

Conjugate verb Surprising


I would surprise
we would surprise
you would surprise
he/she/it would surprise
they would surprise


I will surprise
we will surprise
you will surprise
he/she/it will surprise
they will surprise


I will have surprised
we will have surprised
you will have surprised
he/she/it will have surprised
they will have surprised


I surprised
we surprised
you surprised
he/she/it surprised
they surprised


I had surprised
we had surprised
you had surprised
he/she/it had surprised
they had surprised


I surprise
we surprise
you surprise
he/she/it surprises
they surprise


I have surprised
we have surprised
you have surprised
he/she/it has surprised
they have surprised
I am surprising
we are surprising
you are surprising
he/she/it is surprising
they are surprising
I was surprising
we were surprising
you were surprising
he/she/it was surprising
they were surprising
I will be surprising
we will be surprising
you will be surprising
he/she/it will be surprising
they will be surprising
I have been surprising
we have been surprising
you have been surprising
he/she/it has been surprising
they have been surprising
I had been surprising
we had been surprising
you had been surprising
he/she/it had been surprising
they had been surprising
I will have been surprising
we will have been surprising
you will have been surprising
he/she/it will have been surprising
they will have been surprising
I would have surprised
we would have surprised
you would have surprised
he/she/it would have surprised
they would have surprised
I would be surprising
we would be surprising
you would be surprising
he/she/it would be surprising
they would be surprising
I would have been surprising
we would have been surprising
you would have been surprising
he/she/it would have been surprising
they would have been surprising