How Do You Spell SWAB?

Pronunciation: [swˈɒb] (IPA)

The word "swab" is commonly used in medicine to describe the act of taking a sample from a patient's body. It is spelled with the letters s, w, a, and b, with the stress on the first syllable. In the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), the pronunciation of "swab" is transcribed as /swɑb/, where /s/ represents the "s" sound, /w/ represents the "w" sound, and /ɑ/ represents the "a" sound in "father". The final letter, "b", is silent.

SWAB Meaning and Definition

A swab is a small, soft, absorbent piece of material, often made of cotton or other fibrous substances, used for various purposes. It is typically shaped like a small cylinder or ball attached to a thin handle or stick.

In medical contexts, a swab is often used to collect samples from different parts of the body for testing or analysis. For instance, a healthcare professional might use a swab to collect cells or secretions from the throat, nose, or wounds to diagnose infections, identify pathogens, or conduct genetic testing.

Swabs are also commonly used in cleaning and maintenance tasks. They are often soaked in cleaning solutions or antiseptic agents and used to wipe or apply these substances onto surfaces. They can be utilized to clean wounds, sanitize instruments, or remove debris and excess fluids during medical procedures.

In a broader context, the word "swab" can refer to any act of cleaning, wiping, or applying a substance using a swab. It can be used as a verb, e.g., "swabbing the floor" or "swabbing the wound."

Overall, the term "swab" refers to a versatile tool that is widely employed in medical, laboratory, and cleaning settings for collecting samples, applying medications or cleaning agents, and maintaining cleanliness.

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Etymology of SWAB

The word "swab" originated from the Middle English term "swabbe", which referred to a sailor or pirate who worked as a swabber. A "swabber" was an individual responsible for cleaning the decks of a ship. The word can be traced back to the Old French term "esoube", meaning "sweeping cloth" or "mop". It further evolved from the Proto-Germanic word "swabbōną", which meant "to clean".

Idioms with the word SWAB

  • swab sth out of sth The idiom "swab sth out of sth" refers to the act of thoroughly cleaning or removing something from an object or a surface using a swab or cloth. It often implies a need for cleanliness or removing unwanted substances or residue.
  • swab sth out The idiom "swab sth out" refers to the act of cleaning or wiping something thoroughly, typically using a swab or cloth. It is often used metaphorically to imply the complete removal or elimination of something, such as a problem, uncertainty, or doubt, from a particular situation or context.
  • swab sth down The idiom "swab sth down" typically means to clean or wipe something using a swab or similar tool. It usually refers to a thorough cleaning action, often involving disinfection or removing dirt and grime from a surface.

Similar spelling words for SWAB

Plural form of SWAB is SWABS

Conjugate verb Swab


I would swab
you would swab
he/she/it would swab
we would swab
they would swab


I would be swabbing
you would be swabbing
he/she/it would be swabbing
we would be swabbing
they would be swabbing


I would have swab
you would have swab
he/she/it would have swab
we would have swab
they would have swab


I would have been swabbing
you would have been swabbing
he/she/it would have been swabbing
we would have been swabbing
they would have been swabbing


I will swab
you will swab
he/she/it will swab
we will swab
they will swab


I will be swabbing
you will be swabbing
he/she/it will be swabbing
we will be swabbing
they will be swabbing


I will have swabbed
you will have swabbed
he/she/it will have swabbed
we will have swabbed
they will have swabbed


I will have been swabbing
you will have been swabbing
he/she/it will have been swabbing
we will have been swabbing
they will have been swabbing


you swab
we let´s swab


to swab


I swabbed
you swabbed
he/she/it swabbed
we swabbed
they swabbed


I was swabbing
you were swabbing
he/she/it was swabbing
we were swabbing
they were swabbing




I had swabbed
you had swabbed
he/she/it had swabbed
we had swabbed
they had swabbed


I had been swabbing
you had been swabbing
he/she/it had been swabbing
we had been swabbing
they had been swabbing


I swab
you swab
he/she/it swabs
we swab
they swab


I am swabbing
you are swabbing
he/she/it is swabbing
we are swabbing
they are swabbing




I have swabbed
you have swabbed
he/she/it has swabbed
we have swabbed
they have swabbed


I have been swabbing
you have been swabbing
he/she/it has been swabbing
we have been swabbing
they have been swabbing
I would have swabbed
we would have swabbed
you would have swabbed
he/she/it would have swabbed
they would have swabbed


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