How Do You Spell SWEARS?

Correct spelling for the English word "swears" is [swˈe͡əz], [swˈe‍əz], [s_w_ˈeə_z]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for SWEARS

Below is the list of 78 misspellings for the word "swears".

Similar spelling words for SWEARS

Anagrams of SWEARS

6 letters

  • resaws,
  • sawers,
  • wrases,
  • wrasse.

5 letters

4 letters

Usage Examples for SWEARS

  1. This he swears to me the person himself to whom the Duke of Buckingham said this did tell it him, and is a man of worth, understanding, and credit. - "Diary of Samuel Pepys, Complete Transcribed From The Shorthand Manuscript In The Pepysian Library Magdalene College Cambridge By The Rev. Mynors Bright" by Samuel Pepys Commentator: Lord Braybrooke
  2. Safer may we credit give To a faithless wandering Jew, Than a young man's vows believe When he swears his love is true. - "Lyrics from the Song-Books of the Elizabethan Age" by Various

Conjugate verb Swears


I would swear
we would swear
you would swear
he/she/it would swear
they would swear


I will swear
we will swear
you will swear
he/she/it will swear
they will swear


I will have sworn
we will have sworn
you will have sworn
he/she/it will have sworn
they will have sworn


I swore
we swore
you swore
he/she/it swore
they swore


I had sworn
we had sworn
you had sworn
he/she/it had sworn
they had sworn


I swear
we swear
you swear
he/she/it swears
they swear


I have sworn
we have sworn
you have sworn
he/she/it has sworn
they have sworn
I am swearing
we are swearing
you are swearing
he/she/it is swearing
they are swearing
I was swearing
we were swearing
you were swearing
he/she/it was swearing
they were swearing
I will be swearing
we will be swearing
you will be swearing
he/she/it will be swearing
they will be swearing
I have been swearing
we have been swearing
you have been swearing
he/she/it has been swearing
they have been swearing
I had been swearing
we had been swearing
you had been swearing
he/she/it had been swearing
they had been swearing
I will have been swearing
we will have been swearing
you will have been swearing
he/she/it will have been swearing
they will have been swearing
I would have sworn
we would have sworn
you would have sworn
he/she/it would have sworn
they would have sworn
I would be swearing
we would be swearing
you would be swearing
he/she/it would be swearing
they would be swearing
I would have been swearing
we would have been swearing
you would have been swearing
he/she/it would have been swearing
they would have been swearing