How Do You Spell T3 RECEPTOR?

The correct spelling of the word "T3 receptor" is T-three receptor, as T3 stands for triiodothyronine, a thyroid hormone. The IPA phonetic transcription for T3 is /tiːθriː/, where the "th" sound represents the "t" and "h" sounds combined. The pronunciation of the full word "T3 receptor" is /tiːθriː rɪˈsɛptə/, with the stress on the second syllable of "receptor". This term refers to a protein that binds to T3 and mediates its biological effects in the body.

Common Misspellings for T3 RECEPTOR

  • f3 receptor
  • g3 receptor
  • y3 receptor
  • 63 receptor
  • 53 receptor
  • t2 receptor
  • tw receptor
  • te receptor
  • t4 receptor
  • t3 eeceptor
  • t3 deceptor
  • t3 feceptor
  • t3 teceptor
  • t3 5eceptor
  • t3 4eceptor
  • t3 rwceptor
  • t3 rsceptor
  • t3 rdceptor
  • t3 rrceptor
  • t3 r4ceptor

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