How Do You Spell TAARA?

The word "taara" can be spelled as such because it follows the English language's phonetic rules. Using IPA phonetic transcription, we can break down the sounds of "taara" into /tɑːrə/. The first sound, /t/, is a voiceless alveolar stop; the second sound, /ɑː/, is an open back unrounded vowel; the third sound, /r/, is an alveolar trill; and the final sound, /ə/, is a schwa. Together, these sounds represent the pronunciation of "taara," which can alternatively be spelled as "tara" or "tahra."

Common Misspellings for TAARA

  • tarra
  • tara
  • terra
  • taraa
  • teera
  • tarah
  • tarrha
  • taa5a
  • taarta
  • taatra
  • taa4a
  • taava
  • 6aara
  • 5aara
  • tzara
  • tazra
  • taarz
  • rtaara
  • traara
  • tgaara

8 words made out of letters TAARA

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