How Do You Spell TAE KWON DOS?

The spelling of the Korean martial art "tae kwon do" can be confusing due to the transliteration from Hangul to English. The correct pronunciation, according to IPA phonetic transcription, would be /tʰeɪ kwɒn doʊ/. The first syllable "tae" is pronounced with an aspirated "t" sound, followed by a long "a" sound. "Kwon" is pronounced with a silent "w" and a nasalized "o" sound, and "do" is pronounced with a long "o" sound. Remember to use "do" at the end, not "dos," which is incorrect.

Common Misspellings for TAE KWON DOS

  • tae kwon do
  • tae kwon dos'
  • rae kwon dos
  • fae kwon dos
  • gae kwon dos
  • yae kwon dos
  • 6ae kwon dos
  • 5ae kwon dos
  • tze kwon dos
  • tse kwon dos
  • twe kwon dos
  • tqe kwon dos
  • taw kwon dos
  • tas kwon dos
  • tad kwon dos
  • tar kwon dos
  • ta4 kwon dos
  • ta3 kwon dos
  • tae jwon dos
  • tae mwon dos

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