Pronunciation: [tˈiːdi͡əm vˈɪtiː] (IPA)

The spelling of the Latin phrase "taedium vitae" can be a challenge for English speakers. The IPA phonetic transcription can help explain the pronunciation and spelling of the phrase. The IPA symbols for "t" and "d" represent the dental consonants used in Latin pronunciation. The letter "a" is pronounced as /eɪ/ while the vowel cluster "ei" is pronounced as /aɪ/. The letter "o" is pronounced as /ɒ/ and "ae" as /aɪ/. Overall, the phrase is pronounced as /tɛɪdiəm viːteɪ/.

TAEDIUM VITAE Meaning and Definition

  1. Taedium vitae, derived from Latin, is a philosophical term often referred to in the context of existentialism, meaning "weariness of life" or "tedium of existence". It describes a deep sense of dissatisfaction, disillusionment, or boredom with the monotony, routine, and emptiness of everyday life. This concept goes beyond mere boredom, as it encompasses a profound existential angst that arises from the inherent, relentless repetition of mundane activities without finding any deeper meaning or purpose.

    Taedium vitae encapsulates the sentiment of feeling trapped or disenchanted with the banality of existence, with the unbearable awareness that life seems to lack excitement, novelty, or fulfillment. It suggests an emotional state of weariness that arises when one contemplates the seemingly futile nature of human existence and confronts the inherent limitations, suffering, and monotony of daily routines.

    This concept has been explored in various philosophical and literary works, reflecting an existential crisis and a yearning for a higher, more meaningful existence. The feeling of taedium vitae prompts individuals to question the purpose and value of their lives, often sparking a search for personal growth, self-discovery, or spiritual enlightenment.

    Ultimately, taedium vitae represents a psychological struggle against the emptiness and tirelessness of life, inspiring introspection, reflection, and the pursuit of a deeper understanding of one's existence. It invites individuals to break free from the monotonous patterns of everyday life and engage in activities that bring joy, purpose, and fulfillment.

  2. Weariness of life.

    A practical medical dictionary. By Stedman, Thomas Lathrop. Published 1920.

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Etymology of TAEDIUM VITAE

The term "taedium vitae" is derived from Latin, where "taedium" means "tedium" or "weary" and "vitae" means "life". It can be translated as "weariness of life" or "disgust with life".