How Do You Spell TAI LUE?

The proper spelling of this word is Tai Lue, with both words capitalized. The first word, Tai, is pronounced /taɪ/, as in tie or sky, while the second word, Lue, is pronounced /lu:/, as in blue or flu. The Tai Lue people are an ethnic group primarily found in southern China, northern Laos, and northern Thailand. The Tai Lue language is a member of the Tai-Kadai language family and is written in its own unique script.

Common Misspellings for TAI LUE

  • rai lue
  • fai lue
  • gai lue
  • yai lue
  • 6ai lue
  • 5ai lue
  • tzi lue
  • tsi lue
  • twi lue
  • tqi lue
  • tau lue
  • taj lue
  • tak lue
  • tao lue
  • ta9 lue
  • ta8 lue
  • tai kue
  • tai pue
  • tai oue

28 words made out of letters TAI LUE

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