How Do You Spell TALLIES?

Correct spelling for the English word "Tallies" is [tˈalɪz], [tˈalɪz], [t_ˈa_l_ɪ_z] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for TALLIES

Below is the list of 71 misspellings for the word "tallies".

Similar spelling words for TALLIES

32 words made out of letters TALLIES

5 letters

  • tesla,
  • elisa,
  • lilts,
  • tills,
  • still,
  • litas,
  • stael,
  • tiles,
  • tales,
  • stile,
  • slate,
  • tails,
  • satie,
  • ellas,
  • allis,
  • lisle,
  • aisle,
  • stall,
  • telia,
  • least,
  • steal,
  • stela,
  • tells,
  • stale,
  • islet.

6 letters

  • taille,
  • stella,
  • tallis,
  • allies,
  • sallet.

7 letters

  • tailles,
  • tallies.

Conjugate verb Tallies


I would tally
we would tally
you would tally
he/she/it would tally
they would tally


I will tally
we will tally
you will tally
he/she/it will tally
they will tally


I will have tallied
we will have tallied
you will have tallied
he/she/it will have tallied
they will have tallied


I tallied
we tallied
you tallied
he/she/it tallied
they tallied


I had tallied
we had tallied
you had tallied
he/she/it had tallied
they had tallied


I tally
we tally
you tally
he/she/it tallies
they tally


I have tallied
we have tallied
you have tallied
he/she/it has tallied
they have tallied
I am tallying
we are tallying
you are tallying
he/she/it is tallying
they are tallying
I was tallying
we were tallying
you were tallying
he/she/it was tallying
they were tallying
I will be tallying
we will be tallying
you will be tallying
he/she/it will be tallying
they will be tallying
I have been tallying
we have been tallying
you have been tallying
he/she/it has been tallying
they have been tallying
I had been tallying
we had been tallying
you had been tallying
he/she/it had been tallying
they had been tallying
I will have been tallying
we will have been tallying
you will have been tallying
he/she/it will have been tallying
they will have been tallying
I would have tallied
we would have tallied
you would have tallied
he/she/it would have tallied
they would have tallied
I would be tallying
we would be tallying
you would be tallying
he/she/it would be tallying
they would be tallying
I would have been tallying
we would have been tallying
you would have been tallying
he/she/it would have been tallying
they would have been tallying


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