How Do You Spell TAMARLAIN?

Pronunciation: [tˈamɑːlˌe͡ɪn] (IPA)

The word "Tamarlain" is spelled with a combination of sounds that can be explained by the International Phonetic Alphabet. The first sound is [t], a voiceless alveolar stop, followed by [æ], a front low-mid vowel. Then comes [m], a bilabial nasal consonant, followed by [ɑ], an open back vowel. Lastly, there is [ɹ], a voiced alveolar approximant, and [leɪn], pronounced as [leɪn], which sounds like "lane" with a long a sound. So, the IPA transcription for "Tamarlain" would be [tæmɑɹleɪn].

Common Misspellings for TAMARLAIN

  • ramarlain
  • famarlain
  • gamarlain
  • yamarlain
  • 6amarlain
  • 5amarlain
  • tzmarlain
  • tsmarlain
  • twmarlain
  • tqmarlain
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