How Do You Spell TAN?

Pronunciation: [tˈan] (IPA)

The word "tan" is a short, one-syllable word that is commonly used to describe a brownish color that is often achieved through exposure to sunlight. The spelling of the word is relatively straightforward, with the IPA phonetic transcription being /tæn/. This transcription represents the sounds of the "t" and "a" in the word. The "n" at the end additionally represents a nasal sound that is made by the speaker. The word can be used in various contexts, including describing skin or leather colors.

TAN Meaning and Definition

Tan is an adjective that describes a color resembling that of tanned leather or skin, typically a medium brown with a warm undertone. It is often associated with a sun-kissed appearance resulting from exposure to sunlight. Tan can also refer to the process of darkening or bronzing one's skin through natural or artificial means like spending time under the sun or using self-tanning lotions.

The term can also be used as a noun, referring to a shade of brown or yellowish-brown color, resembling that of tanned skin. Tans can vary in intensity, ranging from a light beige to a deep golden-brown hue.

As a verb, tan refers to the process of transforming animal hides into leather by treating them with tannic acid or other substances. This process preserves the hide and imparts durability and flexibility to the material.

Colloquially, "tan" can also be used as a verb meaning to spend time in the sun with the intention of darkening the skin.

In popular culture, particularly in Western societies, a tan is often associated with health, beauty, and an active lifestyle, as it is commonly associated with vacationing or spending time outdoors. However, it is important to practice sun safety and protect oneself from harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation when seeking a tan.

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Etymology of TAN

The word "tan" has an interesting etymology. It originated from the Old English word "tannian", which meant "to convert hide into leather by soaking it in tannic acid". This Old English word was derived from the Proto-Germanic word "tannijaną". The Proto-Germanic term eventually developed from the Proto-Indo-European root word "ten-" or "tan-", meaning "to draw, stretch, extend". This root gives the word "tan" its primary meaning related to the process of tanning leather. Over time, "tan" expanded its meaning to include the darker shade of skin resulting from exposure to the sun, which is now a commonly used definition.

Idioms with the word TAN

  • tan sb's hide The idiom "tan sb's hide" means to give someone a severe punishment or beating, often in a figurative sense rather than a literal one. It implies that someone will be thoroughly and severely disciplined or dealt with harshly.
  • tan the hide off sb, at tan sb's hide The idiom "tan the hide off someone" or "tan someone's hide" means to punish or beat someone severely. It implies inflicting physical harm or discipline on an individual. It can also be used figuratively to indicate a severe verbal reprimand or criticism.
  • tan sm's hide The idiom "tan someone's hide" means to give someone a severe punishment, typically through physical discipline or a stern reprimand. It can also imply teaching someone a lesson by subjecting them to a difficult or challenging situation.
  • tan someone's hide The idiom "tan someone's hide" means to severely beat or discipline someone as a form of punishment. It is often used figuratively to imply that someone is in for a harsh reprimand or punishment.
  • catch a tan The idiom "catch a tan" means to purposely expose oneself to the sun in order to acquire a sun-kissed complexion or obtain a suntan.
  • tan (one's) hide The idiom "tan (one's) hide" means to give someone a severe spanking or beat them physically as a form of punishment or discipline. It can also be used figuratively to describe a severe reprimand or scolding.

Similar spelling words for TAN

Plural form of TAN is TANS

Conjugate verb Tan


I would have tanned
you would have tanned
he/she/it would have tanned
we would have tanned
they would have tanned
I would have tan
you would have tan
he/she/it would have tan
we would have tan
they would have tan


I would have been tanning
you would have been tanning
he/she/it would have been tanning
we would have been tanning
they would have been tanning


I would tan
you would tan
he/she/it would tan
we would tan
they would tan


I would be tanning
you would be tanning
he/she/it would be tanning
we would be tanning
they would be tanning


I will tan
you will tan
he/she/it will tan
we will tan
they will tan


I will be tanning
you will be tanning
he/she/it will be tanning
we will be tanning
they will be tanning


I will have tanned
you will have tanned
he/she/it will have tanned
we will have tanned
they will have tanned


I will have been tanning
you will have been tanning
he/she/it will have been tanning
we will have been tanning
they will have been tanning


you tan
we let´s tan


to tan


I was tanning
you were tanning
he/she/it was tanning
we were tanning
they were tanning




I had tanned
you had tanned
he/she/it had tanned
we had tanned
they had tanned


I had been tanning
you had been tanning
he/she/it had been tanning
we had been tanning
they had been tanning


I tan
you tan
he/she/it tans
we tan
they tan


I am tanning
you are tanning
he/she/it is tanning
we are tanning
they are tanning




I have tanned
you have tanned
he/she/it has tanned
we have tanned
they have tanned


I have been tanning
you have been tanning
he/she/it has been tanning
we have been tanning
they have been tanning


he/she/it tan


I tanned
you tanned
he/she/it tanned
we tanned
they tanned