How Do You Spell TANG?

The word "tang" is spelled with the trigraph "ang" which represents the /æŋ/ sound, comprised of the short "a" vowel sound /æ/ and the velar nasal /ŋ/ sound. IPA phonetic transcription for "tang" is /tæŋ/. The word has multiple meanings, including a sharp taste or smell, a serpentine sword, and a Chinese dynasty. Proper pronunciation is key to understanding and distinguishing the various definitions of this versatile word.

Common Misspellings for TANG

Similar spelling words for TANG

Plural form of TANG is TANGS

16 words made out of letters TANG

2 letters

3 letters

4 letters

Conjugate verb Tang


I would tang
we would tang
you would tang
he/she/it would tang
they would tang


I will tang
we will tang
you will tang
he/she/it will tang
they will tang


I will have tanged
we will have tanged
you will have tanged
he/she/it will have tanged
they will have tanged


I tanged
we tanged
you tanged
he/she/it tanged
they tanged


I had tanged
we had tanged
you had tanged
he/she/it had tanged
they had tanged


I tang
we tang
you tang
he/she/it tangs
they tang


I have tanged
we have tanged
you have tanged
he/she/it has tanged
they have tanged
I am tanging
we are tanging
you are tanging
he/she/it is tanging
they are tanging
I was tanging
we were tanging
you were tanging
he/she/it was tanging
they were tanging
I will be tanging
we will be tanging
you will be tanging
he/she/it will be tanging
they will be tanging
I have been tanging
we have been tanging
you have been tanging
he/she/it has been tanging
they have been tanging
I had been tanging
we had been tanging
you had been tanging
he/she/it had been tanging
they had been tanging
I will have been tanging
we will have been tanging
you will have been tanging
he/she/it will have been tanging
they will have been tanging
I would have tanged
we would have tanged
you would have tanged
he/she/it would have tanged
they would have tanged
I would be tanging
we would be tanging
you would be tanging
he/she/it would be tanging
they would be tanging
I would have been tanging
we would have been tanging
you would have been tanging
he/she/it would have been tanging
they would have been tanging


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